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To lazy
I've been really bad at updating here again.
I just don't make time for it.

www.myfitnesspal  has become my facebook.
And I love instagram more then any other social media thingy.
A picture tells a 1000 words and I can even add details if I want.

I adopted 2 cats on Thursday.
I left for Ottawa with the kids to visit Mark while he is shooting a movie there.
The room was already paid for so why not?
My mother's surgery went well, looks cancer free.
My mother in-law hand an issue but looks like she is cancer free not more cancer. Yay.
Moving into the holiday's here. Which just ='s stress.
Must make holiday cards.
Also on the PTA front I have been super busy.
Which is good for the school.
I actually really like the principle! 
I have lost 26 pounds.
My blood pressure is still stupid high though so I guess pills are going to happen. : (
First shrink apointment last week and I have home work.
And I am thinking about going back to school, college since I never got to finish because Illianna was born.
I think I can get the money vbia a loan and my mother even offered to help me even. : )

We shal see.

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Glad to hear your mother and mother-in-law are doing well.

Wow - 26 lbs - congratulations!!!

Thanks VP : )
BTW I still have your Birthday card!
D'oh I forgot to mail the darn thing, I got stupid with the new cats coming.

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