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Art Day
Today is the day that Pandora is showing her art of at a local event for youth.
Turns out one of Illianna's friends is in one of the bands playing.
So yay for more fun people.

Mark gets of work at 7:30 so he should make it by 8:30.
I'm going over with Pandora to help set up at 5:30.
Doors open at 7.

Need to remember to take pictures. : )
I'm so proud of her because she is such a shy thing doing this is a huge challenge for her.
This is the kid that won't even stand in front of her class for any presentation.
Huge issues with that kinda thing. : /

Went to the Y today.
Still feeling a little weird.
My heart keeps jumping around in there and I get a little faint headed.
So I'm not running or anything which is a big boo but I'm still working out.

Tomorrow making food for a friends birthday party dinner.
Hoping it will be fun and casual.

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Yay for Pandora! Please share your pictures. :)

I have always been shy like that too. Are you? It has gotten a little better for me, but I could never stand in front of the class for a presentation. I am glad Liv doesn't have the same problem!

I posted 2 on FB : )

I am terribly shy too but surprisingly good at public speaking even though I hate it. : )

It is good to have the ability to speak in public! :)

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