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I really am bad at keeping up on this. I've tried a paper journal too but at the end of the day I think it comes down to the fact that I'm a visual person. More art and photos. Oh well. I still like to read here.

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I adopted 2 cats on Thursday.
One is a tiny flame point hymie and the other is a long haired cat like a mancoon.
Both were raised together. Around 6 years old now.
The couple had a baby and they had to let them go.
Well they were not in the best of shape.
But they seem really happy now after they have settled in.
The hymie and Pandora have bonded.
And Illianna and the long hair joined teams.
It's been really busy with cat love here.
I am super happy to have them.
They came with toys and food and carriers.
Queenie is doing fine with it all too. She's the alpha still.
Though the tiny hymie wants to be friends.

Mark is away shooting a bad horror film.
It's the guys who did the shrine and stuff.
They are super huge hacks. This movie is more a porn then a horror. : /
But me and the girls went out for the weekend to Ottawa and had a good time.
The hotel room was already paid for. Mark gets a perdium each day that he saved up for the weekend.
So we played in the pool. Went to the air museum for free (one of the pa's on set works their and got him free tickets) Checked out the down town where the government buildings are. Played in the hotels games room. Ordered room service. Had a fancy brunch in the hotel restaurant.
Mark should be coming home next Thursday. he has yet to see the new kitties.
I can't wait for him to come home. : )

Report cards came home and I did the teacher interviews.
There was some drama but now real surprises. The girls get upset if they don't get like A plus on every thing.

Pandora had a swim meet on Saturday. I think it's kinda funny that she is faster at butterfly then front crawl.
Weird. She is so tiny compared to her peers. I never notice it until such times.
She didn't win anything she just had fun. : )

To lazy
I've been really bad at updating here again.
I just don't make time for it.

www.myfitnesspal  has become my facebook.
And I love instagram more then any other social media thingy.
A picture tells a 1000 words and I can even add details if I want.

I adopted 2 cats on Thursday.
I left for Ottawa with the kids to visit Mark while he is shooting a movie there.
The room was already paid for so why not?
My mother's surgery went well, looks cancer free.
My mother in-law hand an issue but looks like she is cancer free not more cancer. Yay.
Moving into the holiday's here. Which just ='s stress.
Must make holiday cards.
Also on the PTA front I have been super busy.
Which is good for the school.
I actually really like the principle! 
I have lost 26 pounds.
My blood pressure is still stupid high though so I guess pills are going to happen. : (
First shrink apointment last week and I have home work.
And I am thinking about going back to school, college since I never got to finish because Illianna was born.
I think I can get the money vbia a loan and my mother even offered to help me even. : )

We shal see.

(no subject)
LJ has been acting weird for me when I log on.
So I can't see my friends filter page so I know I am missing out on people posts.
: /
I don't always comment but I like to read so that's annoying me.

I have the blahs today, probably the weather.
We are going to get crazy rain and wind here thanks to Sandy supposedly.
We shall see.

To end on a good point.
I swear my scale says I am down to 153 pounds.
I was 180 in June.

I wish I could have a weekend from my weekend.
Short form to maximize info!
- I made black bean brownies and loved them! Seriously try it, no flour.
- I went apple picking and had my kids up on my shoulders (even though they are almost as big as me) so we could get the best red apples from the tops of the trees!
- I didn't eat to much. I think I did good. 3 dinners out at other peoples houses is hard to watch your calories.
- I got Halloween cards all ready to go to my nieces and nephews.
- I made the banner for the Day of the Dead Halloween parade. Will post picture.*
- I am behind on my 100 books. Need to read faster.
- %90 ready for the music video this Sunday *crossing fingers* for a good shoot day.

Brain Food
Started to pull out Halloween boxes and put stuff out.
Some stuff I leave out all year because I guess I'm an old foogy goth at heart still.; )

Today was a speaker on herbs in my wellness class. 
I learned a few new things but most of it I already new.
I think that's cool though that I know more then the average person I guess.
So today is nice out. I think I will harvest some things in the garden before it gets to cold and I lose them to frost.

But first Game of Thorns while eating lunch! : D




This is a snap shot Pandora (making a funny face) let me take at the coffee shop where they had the all ages event.
She had about 16 peices go up and a bunch of things for free on a table.
People kept tipping her and she made about $12.
In this picture she is standing beside some oak tree chalk drawing for each season. You can't see the detail with the little birds.
And on the top there is her photographs about doors printed on see through plastic.
She is such a shy kid I'm so proud of her for doing this cause it's hard to be judged.


Music Videos
Looking back at the last music video while working on the current one.
This guy was really nice and a pleasure to work with.

Art Day
Today is the day that Pandora is showing her art of at a local event for youth.
Turns out one of Illianna's friends is in one of the bands playing.
So yay for more fun people.

Mark gets of work at 7:30 so he should make it by 8:30.
I'm going over with Pandora to help set up at 5:30.
Doors open at 7.

Need to remember to take pictures. : )
I'm so proud of her because she is such a shy thing doing this is a huge challenge for her.
This is the kid that won't even stand in front of her class for any presentation.
Huge issues with that kinda thing. : /

Went to the Y today.
Still feeling a little weird.
My heart keeps jumping around in there and I get a little faint headed.
So I'm not running or anything which is a big boo but I'm still working out.

Tomorrow making food for a friends birthday party dinner.
Hoping it will be fun and casual.

Loud and Clear
What's Up?

I went in and renewed our YMCA membership.
So glad it only went from $28 a month to $32.
HUGE sigh of relief there. : )

Tonight is the school open house with the SCC parent meeting after.
I am curious to see who shows up?
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